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MoDOT’s STIP for 2024-2028 – Livingston county Projects

The State Transportation Improvement Plan was approved by the Transportation Commission and includes four Livingston County projects scheduled from 2024 to 2028.  The projects include:

Just under 10 miles of resurfacing of US 36 at the Canadian Pacific Railroad and at US 65 in Chillicothe and in the westbound lanes from Coon Creek to the Caldwell County Line.  The project is estimated to cost $6.082 Million.  The contract is expected to be awarded in September of this year.

Resurfacing 30.66 miles of US 65 from south of US 36 in Chillicothe to Route 24 in Carrollton at a cost of $15.123 million.  The bidding will take place in 2024.

Resurfacing of 4.45 miles of US 65 from 1.3 miles north of Highway 190, through Chillicothe to US 36.  The cost is estimated at $4.016 million, and the project will be bid and awarded in 2025.
* This project could be cut if funding is not available.

Pedestrian Facility upgrades in Wheeling, Chula, and Ludlow totaling $1.954 million.  The projects are to be awarded in October of 2023

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