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Removing Invasive Carp From The Lower Grand

Invasive carp species will be removed from the lower Grand River by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  The project is an effort to build on management of invasive carp populations in the state’s big rivers and their smaller connected rivers and creeks.

From Sept. 11-14 and 25-28, MDC will close the Brunswick Access for the fish removal project.  Crews will be removing the carp from the river, and a commercial fishing operation will then process the fish into various products such as food for human consumption, as a protein additive for animal feeds, and for prepared fish bait used by anglers.

Last year, the project removed over 24,000 pounds of invasive carp.  MDC will be targeting similar amounts this year, but under more open river conditions as this year, the river will not be blocked off with nets.

The goal is to increase the available food and habitat for native fish in the Grand and Missouri Rivers such as catfish, paddlefish, sturgeon, buffalo, and the many smaller fish species that are part of the ecosystem.

During the operation, the Grand River can still be accessed by boaters via the Bosworth Access, however, MDC encourages boaters to avoid or limit use on the lower Grand River during these removal efforts.  Bank fishing will still be allowed during the operation.


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