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Officers Rescue Youth On Bridge

Chillicothe Police rescued a Juvenile contemplating jumping from a bridge Friday morning.

At about 3:15 am, an Officer patrolling observed a boy pacing on the US 65 bridge over US 36 Highway. The Officer turned around to check on the juvenile. When the Officer got turned around the juvenile was standing on the edge of the bridge. Another Officer arrived on the scene and began talking with the boy.

The boy would not come down after multiple requests. While the 2nd Officer was talking with the boy, the 1st Officer grabbed him, safely removing him from the edge of the bridge.

The juvenile was then checked on by the Chillicothe Fire Department Paramedics. Parents were called and he was later released to the parents at the Chillicothe Police Department.  The Chief of Police commends the officers for their bravery, courage, and heroic efforts in saving this life


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