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Chillicothe Street Project Progress

Chillicothe Street Replacement and Chip Seal projects are making good progress.

Part one of Chillicothe’s permanent street project for 2023 is nearly complete.  Contractors have completed the replacement of Second Street, from Washington to Ryan.  The work was done in two sections to allow the Chillicothe Fire Department access to streets, allowing them to respond to calls in a timely manner.

The work included the removal of the existing street and any existing curb and gutter.  The contractor worked to repair the base of the road before concrete was poured to create the new road surface, curbs, and gutterings.

Beginning early next week, the Street Department will begin replacing stop signs and preparing to open the street to traffic.

The contractor will move to complete the second part of this year’s street project – the curb and gutter work on Maple Street, from Central to 11th.


The Chip Seal project in Chillicothe is at the midway point.  The contractor completed applying the chips to the streets on Thursday.  Chillicothe Street Department will begin the second half of the project next week.  That includes the removal of the excess chips.  Those chips will be stored by the Street Department for use in future Chip Seal projects.


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