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MDC Tree Seed Buy Starts Wednesday

Tree seed buying dates at the Chillicothe MDC office will start next week.  The Missouri Department of Conservation is buying seed for a variety of species.  Seed purchased will be used to grow seedlings at MDC’s George O. White Tree Nursery in Licking.

Locally, people can bring their seed to the MDC Chillicothe Office on October 4th and 18th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and October 25th from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Seed collectors may also call to schedule a time for seed purchase at 660-646-6122.

The list of seed to be purchased include Hazelnut, dogwood, Hickory, Redbud, several species of Oak, and others.

The list of tree seed the nursery is currently requesting and their prices per pound include:

  • Hazelnut (seed must be mature, light brown and easily pulled from husk. No green or partially green husks will be accepted. Please be patient and allow seed to mature on the plant), $3.75
  • Gray dogwood, $4.65
  • Roughleaf dogwood, $4.65
  • Mixed hickory, $0.60
  • Shellbark hickory, $0.75
  • Persimmon, (Persimmon fruit must be ripe – yellow, red, or orange. No partially green fruit will be accepted.) $0.60
  • Redbud, (Pods must be brown and have an average of three seeds per pod that are light brown and filled, not black. Green seed pods will not be accepted.) $3.75 per pound, seed must still be in pods
  • Northern red oak, $0.75
  • White oak, $0.75
  • Bur oak, $0.95
  • Chinkapin oak  $2.25
  • Post oak, $1.25
  • Butternut, $2.50
  • Northern red oak, $0.75
  • Swamp white oak, $1.40