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Incinerator For Bio-Hazards Considered By Health Center Board

An incinerator for the destruction of various biohazards in the community was discussed by the Livingston County Health Center Board of Trustees.  The incinerator could be used by several organizations in the community.  This includes the Health Center, County Coroner, Police and Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department, and others.

Health Center Director Sherry Weldon says they are putting this in the budget.

Weldon says for them it would be used for the disposal of sharps and related items.  For the Police and Sheriff’s Department, the items from the medication drop box could be destroyed, the coroner’s office could also use it for meds from the home of the deceased, and the fire department for items from the ambulance and EMT runs.

The proposed location is at the site of the Chillicothe Fire Training Facility.  This is a secured area that could meet the requirements.  They would need to apply for and receive approval from the DNR and EPA.