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Livingston County Health Center Board Finds Some Areas Of Agreement

The Livingston County Health Center Board met in regular session.  Information was provided to the board on the progress to install a furnace and replacement of the front door.  Two bids were presented for Building insurance, with another bid expected.

Health Center Director Sherry Weldon says they are looking for a firm to conduct their audit.

Reports were shared on recent reports of tracked health information.  This includes RSV on the rise particularly in nursing facilities, COVID – 20 recent cases, Flu cases are still rising, and the Sewer shed report shows Livingston County in the red as indicators of COVID are up.  Weldon says this is usually about 5 weeks ahead of a spike in COVID cases.

A lengthy discussion was held on trying to set a meeting to discuss bylaws.  A vote was taken to attempt to set a meeting by conferring through e-mail.  The vote was 2-2, with no decision made.

The Community Health Survey was presented by consultant Corey Sloan.  The survey included 385 people who completed the survey and consented to using the information gathered.  That is about 2.7% of the county.  Sloan recommended moving to the next step of a Community Health Improvement Plan.