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Beware Of Phishing & Smishing Scams

IRS warns to beware of phishing and smishing scams.

  • Phishing: An email sent claiming to come from the IRS. The goal is to lure the victims into the scam with a variety of ruses such as enticing victims with a phony tax refund or threatening them with false legal or criminal charges for tax fraud.
  • Smishing: A text or smartphone SMS message where scammers often use alarming language such as, “Your account has now been put on hold,” or “Unusual Activity Report.”  These often include a bogus “Solutions” link to restore the recipient’s account.

Cesar Yabor from the IRS says if the IRS wants to contact you, the first contact comes in your mailbox.

Will not contact you first by email or messaging.

If you are unsure of any contact from the IRS, contact them by calling 800-829-1040 or going to their website at